Add These Exercises to Your Routine for Some Extra Fun and Benefits


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weeked! I wanted to talk about something that I think we can all relate to. Many of you tell me you really want to lose weight and get in shape…but you’re bored with the same routine and you’re just not having fun.

This is completely understandable and a lot of people feel the same way as you. Not every workout is going to be super exciting. In fact, you may even cut your workouts short or skip them altogether because you just want to go do something fun instead.

For all of you who feel this way, I’m here to help! If you’re lacking entertainment in your workouts and you want to step them up to the next level and benefit from them more, your answers are here. These are a few workouts for you and some different tips on making your workout regimen entertaining!


If you don’t know what Zumba is, it’s a video or class based workout that has you following an instructor and dancing to a bunch of really fun songs. The best part about this workout is that you burn calories and tone your body all at the same time without even realizing it’s even a workout!


For all of you that don’t like the intensity of exercise, try doing yoga instead! Not only is this a really great way to tone your entire body, but you’ll also feel calm and increase your flexibility. The best part about this is that you’ll go away with a really good workout and you’ll feel really relaxed afterwards.

Ultimate Frisbee

For those of you rolling your eyes or even laughing at this one, just remember that playing this can burn you the same as just running on a treadmill or down the street. You’ll burn tons of calories and tone more than just your legs, too.

Dance Class

If none of you have ever taken a hip-hop dance class but you hate exercising, you may want to reconsider. Even if you’re an awful dancer, going to this dance class can help you burn some serious calories all while you’re dancing and hanging out with friends!


If you’re the outdoorsy type, you can be guaranteed that this workout will benefit you more than forcing yourself to do a bunch of boring lifts. Not only will this help your cardio, but adding a weighted backpack with even just a picnic lunch and some water will help add some muscle to your legs and core. AND you get to enjoy an amazing view as your reward.

Tips for Making it Fun

Get a Workout Buddy

This is one of the best ways to make working out fun and give you a reason to get up and go every day. How can your workout be boring when you have your best friend right there with you? You can joke about how much it sucks and push each other to do better. You’ll walk away thinking you’ve just hung out with a friend instead of worked your butt off.

Go Somewhere New

Maybe you don’t hate the exercise part, maybe you just hate where you exercise. If you find that you really hate working out in a gym, then try a different form of exercising and take it to the park or the beach! Changing your surroundings can make a huge difference on how much you have fun during your workout.

Change up Your Routine

If you don’t like working out, maybe you’re just too bored with the same old routine. You should always switch up your workouts so you’re never doing the exact same sequence of exercises in a row. Not only will that keep you entertained, but it’s also more beneficial for your body!

Working out is something that a lot of us have to learn to love. But following these tips and trying these workouts you’ll be able to make exercising much more fun. All you have to do is try different things until you find the one that works best for you. Then you’ll be able to accomplish any goals you have!


How to Get Abs


Hi there babes! This is one of the questions I get the most: “How do I get abs?” Since I’ve been asked this SO many times by all of you, I decided to touch on the basics of how to get abs so all of you have somewhere to start.

Getting abs isn’t the easiest thing to do and that’s why so many people get frustrated with not knowing how to get them. It takes time to build a strong ab system and it takes even more time getting those abs to really pop out. If you’re looking for a way to get abs, this is where you should start.

Eat Clean

Haven’t you ever heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym? While that’s not 100% true, your diet does have a an awful lot to do with getting you abs. If you’re eating junk food and stuff that is full of fats, it’s going to be stored on your body and the one place that holds fat easier than anywhere else on your body is right over your abs.

Eating a clean diet that doesn’t contain a ton of harmful fats is the first step to getting abs. You have to eat lean protein, lots of vegetables, and enough carbs to get you through the day. All of that excess junk won’t help you get those popping abs.

Do Ab Workouts Regularly

Just like any other muscle on your body, if you want to get abs, you have to build them. While we all have abs that can show if we get rid of the fat around our bellies, having MORE muscle on your abs will help them stand out immensely.

Find some ab workouts that target each section of your abs and work them out regularly. Don’t just do them for a week and expect to see some abs. Stick with working out your abs just like you do your legs, butt, biceps, or anywhere else. And don’t forget to change up your ab routine every once in a while so your body doesn’t get too used to the workouts!

Shed Excess Fat

The reasons so many people have a hard time being able to actually see their abs – no matter how hard they’ve been working on building them – is because they’re covered in a layer of fat. You could have the hottest abs out there that are just hidden!

In addition to eating a lean diet to shed fat, step up your cardio and fat burning game if you want to get abs. The fat around your belly is the trickiest for most people to get rid of so make sure you’re working extra hard to burn fat during your workouts if you want to get abs.

Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that the less sleep you get, the more likely it is that you’ll hold onto excess fat? Those that get more sleep have an easier time not only losing the fat, but keeping it off in general.

Just as I’ve mentioned above, getting rid of fat is crucial if you want to see those abs popping out. No matter what kind of amazing abs you have, if there’s fat covering them up then no one will ever be able to actually see them. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night will help you in your quest to gain incredible abs.

Don’t Give Up!

There are so many people that start on their journey toward getting abs and give up only a month in because they’re not seeing progress. NEVER GIVE UP! If you put in the work and you follow the above tips, you WILL get abs. It may take some people a shorter amount of time than others, but they will appear once you’ve put in the work.

Abs are a really tough feature to have simply because you have to gain muscle and lose fat in order to see them. They also take the most work to maintain in the same sense. If you can put forth the effort, you WILL get those abs!


Stay Fit on the Go With These Easy to Master Full Body Workouts


Hi there all! This is a question I get ALL the time, “Jen, how do I workout when I’m traveling?” It’s been asked so many times that I think it’s really important to answer it in this blog instead of just individually.

I also love this topic because it I can relate to it so much. I travel quite a bit and that means I have to sacrifice my gym time because there just isn’t a gym readily available all the time. So, I’ve come up with some really effective workouts that are really easy to master no matter where you are.


Bench Dips

This is one of the easiest workouts to do because you can do it on just about any chair-like surface – even a bed works! All you have to do is face away from the chair/bench/bed or whatever it is you’re using, put your hands on the seat surface, and lower yourself down and push yourself back up to activate and work those triceps!

Jump Squats

I can’t tell you enough how great jump squats are for engaging not only your glutes, but your whole legs. The explosive power used in jump squats helps to grow your booty, tone your thighs, and chisel those calves! Start off this workout with your feet shoulder width apart (wider if this is uncomfortably too close for you), angle your feet outward just slightly, lower yourself into a squatting position, and jump straight up as high as you can. When you come back down go right into your next jump squat.


This is another really effective workout that you can literally do anywhere! This exercise is mostly known for working your abs, but it also gives your shoulders, quads, and back a workout, too. There are a few different ways you can do planks and all of them are perfect for staying fit on the go. All you need to do is get on the floor (preferably a soft area), put your feet out behind you and lean on your elbows with your body straight. Hold this for as long as you can and then rest for 30 seconds before doing it again. Do this 3 times and you’ll start to feel the burn! Another way to do this that is a little bit easier for those of you just starting your fitness journey is to move up to your hands instead of your elbows.


If you know what a burpee is, then you probably hate it! The reason most people don’t like this workout that’s great for staying fit on the go is because it’s so HARD – which also means it works. All you do is lay flat on the ground on your stomach with your toes against the ground and your hands pushing on the ground just at the side of your stomach. Next, push up with your hands and snap your legs under you so you’re in a squat position and jump straight up into the air. It’s basically like combining a pushup with a jump squat but when you come back down from the jump, you get pack into your push-up stance and start all over.


This is another fantastic workout that really gets your whole body involved and it’s perfect for staying fit on the go because you can do it just about anywhere, your hotel room, a park, or even in the airport! Get down on the ground laying on your stomach, keep your body in a straight line, and push up off the ground from your sides. When you come back down make sure your elbows get to 90 degrees or less in order to gain the most benefits! If some of you aren’t able to do a full push-up but still want to get a good workout in, just put your knees on the ground and do the same thing. It’s a little bit easier but gets the job done!


Tips for Staying Fit on the Go

Here are just a few additional tips that can help you burn more calories and stay more fit when you’re on vacation, traveling for work, or even to use in your everyday lives.

Take the Stairs

Elevators are great for going up and down floors quickly, but they’re also not nearly as beneficial as taking the stairs. Taking the stairs is just a no-brainer if you want to stay fit on the go because it’s literally a manmade workout that you won’t even notice you’re getting. It makes a big difference if you start using the stairs every day instead of the elevator.

Stand Instead of Sit

If you have a job that makes you sit down a lot, just stand up and do your work instead. It burns more calories and is much better for your back and core. You can also stand and do calf raises if you really want to take your fitness on the go up a notch.

Always Carry a Water Bottle

You should always make sure you’re carrying around a water bottle with you everywhere. Staying hydrated is one of the most important part of staying fit on the go and you’ll always have access to it.

Utilize Your Environment

I’m sure you all have noticed by now that I don’t always use the gym to get a workout in. Sometimes I’m in a park or out on the balcony. You should always look around you and start utilizing your environment as workout equipment no matter where you are!

I understand more than anyone that you can’t always be in the comfort of your own at times. You may have to travel and you still have to be fit no matter where you are. These easy to master workouts are perfect for those of you who want to stay fit on the go!

Let me know which of these workouts are your favorite and why!