It's National Puppy Day

Hi my loves! As you may know, my dog Graham is my LIFE! In honor of National Puppy Day I wanted to share Grahams back story and talk about animals and how much they mean to me. Three years ago, I met Graham in California with my sister, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on the responsibility of raising a dog, but after seeing him in a shelter and knowing that he had no family I instantly knew that I not only wanted to, but needed to rescue him and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

in honor of National Puppy Day, I teamed up with an amazing non-profit organization, Social Tees Animal Rescue. When I’m passionate about something, it’s important to me to take action; which is why I will be fostering a dog from Social Tees and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to fill you guys in on my experience in my upcoming YouTube video, and on the blog, so keep an eye out.

Why Social Tees Animal Rescue and What do they do?

Social Tees Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit no-kill organization that finds loving homes for abandoned animals. What stood out to me is that all of the animals in their care are in foster homes where they get individualized attention while they wait to be adopted — never cages! Most of the animals that they rescue come directly from kill shelters in NYC, Los Angeles, and Tennessee. Their office is located in the East Village in Manhattan.

Important Information To Know About Animal Rescue:

A kill shelter is a city run shelter that euthanizes animals regularly — these shelters must take in any animal that is brought to them or that is found stray, so, sadly, they euthanize animals in their facilities in order to make room for incoming animals.

Social Tees believes in keeping their animals in foster homes (temporary homes) instead of cages in a facility because it’s much healthier for them!  In a home, the organization can learn way more about the animal’s personality, which makes it much easier for them to find the best match in a forever family. In foster homes, each animal gets more one on one attention, training, exercise, and cuddles.

OH and btw, did you guys know that 25% of the animals in shelters across the country are purebred — who would’ve thought! Many people think that rescue animals are all mutts, but because so many people who aren’t ready for the responsibility of a pet buy purebreds from pet stores and breeders, they end up at shelters when their original owners can’t take care of them.

So, how can you help?

  • Foster a puppy or dog! The more foster homes they have available, the more dogs they can take in from kill shelters. Learn more about fostering and submit a foster app at

  • Adopt, don't shop. There are lots of puppies of all kinds in shelters across the country in need of homes. Learn more about rescue or submit an app to adopt one from us at If you're not in the NYC area, find an adoptable puppy near you via

  • Volunteer! Social Tees needs help of all kinds, especially digital assistance with processing adoption applications and event staff. Learn more at, or find a local shelter near you if you're not in NYC. All animal rescues need helping hands!

  • Donate. The shelter relies almost completely on donations from the public, both monetary and material. They have extremely high vet bills for the special needs and injured animals we rescue, and every single dollar counts. Interested in giving? You can do so at

I would also love to hear your animal stories below, and to answer any questions that you may have. Please share with me if you have a moment :) xox love you all!