Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


Hi loves! Today I want to talk about something that we all are guilty of: comparing ourselves to others. I know that in the world of technology and Instagram and everyone posting pictures of how amazing they look, it can be really easy get caught up in feeling like you're not good enough. I go through this from time to time, too.

But I’m here to tell you that all of those thoughts you have about yourself are wrong. When you look at an Instagram post of some girl or guy that is posing in amazing clothes, with their 6-pack showing, their hair done perfectly, and their makeup flawless, it’s easy to look in the mirror and see all of your flaws. But the truth is, those pictures aren’t actually realistic.

When you see those types of images online, there’s more that you don’t see than what you do. You don’t see how much time and effort went into them looking so flawless.

The point to all of this is that when you sit there and compare yourself to someone else, you may be forgetting about all of the things that make you unique and beautiful. Being an individual is more amazing than being someone who can post a “flawless” picture to Instagram.

If you have a hard time when it comes to comparing yourself to others, don’t feel like you’re all alone. I’ve been there, your friends have been there, hell, even Rihanna has probably been there. It’s something that people do naturally, but it’s really not good for you and you should never feel like you’re not good enough just because someone posted a perfect picture online.

Here are some things I want you to remember the next time you find yourself feeling insecure:

1.    Nobody can be you.

2.    What makes you unique is what makes you beautiful.

3.    Someone else is going to love every “flaw” you think you have.

4.    You only have today. Do you really want to spend it thinking negatively of yourself?

5.    Nobody can be everything that you are. 

6.    Negativity robs you of your spirit. 

7.    Being positive is far more beautiful than being negative.

8.    Social media images are the VERY best of someone – not what they look like when they roll out of bed.

9.    Nobody is “perfect”, but you are perfect at being you.

10.  You don’t see yourself accurately in the mirror. You focus on the negative, while everyone else sees the positive.

Sometimes we just can’t help comparing ourselves to someone who we think is better.. Each time you compare yourself to someone else, you’re taking away a little piece of what someone else loves about you.

Always remember, your uniqueness makes you beautiful – without anything else. Love who you are…because everything that makes you, you is what everyone else loves about you!

How to Turn Negativity into Motivation


One thing that I think we can all relate to is having negativity in our lives. Whether it’s from ourselves or other people, we have to deal with it from time to time. If you don’t figure out a way to get past it, it can basically consume you and affect every aspect of your life.

I have to face negativity occasionally and let me tell you, it’s not always easy. I have days where I struggle to figure out how to deal with it and let it go. But there is something I’ve learned to do to not only make it easier to deal with, but to use it for something good. And that’s taking negativity and turning it into motivation.

It may sound difficult to do, but instead of letting all that negativity eat away at you, if you use it to fuel your motivation, you can accomplish amazing things. Here’s how to do just that.


Use your anger as energy.

When negativity finds your life, it can make you really angry. You can get mad at other people for being so mean and you can even get mad at yourself for thinking in such a negative way. The one thing that you can do in either situation is to use that anger as energy. Use that anger to fuel your next workout or to make progress on your personal projects. Use it to push you even further. 


Ask yourself why people are so negative toward you.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that negativity often comes from jealousy. Others want to feel better about their own lives, so they try to put you down so you feel worse than they do. It’s unfortunate that this type of negativity exists, but you have to be aware of it.

The next time someone is being negative toward you, ask yourself why. Maybe it has more to do with their failures than it does with their criticisms of you. This can motivate you to do even better by realizing that there are people who see your accomplishments as something to be envious of.


Think about how far you’ve come from the negativity.

Do you ever get down on yourself and start thinking negatively about your current progress – whether it’s in your fitness journey or in any other aspect of your life? Use that negativity to think about how far you’ve come. When you start getting down on yourself, think about the last time you were beating yourself up about that very same thing and how much has changed since. This can help put things into perspective so you can think accurately about it.


Use those negative comments and thoughts as a challenge.

Honestly, think about the times you get down about yourself. They’re usually during times when you’re trying to do something worthwhile. Use those negative thoughts as a challenge that you can beat. Think to yourself, “Fine, I’m going to prove myself wrong by making myself proud of this,” and get to work.


Use it as constructive criticism.

Not all negativity is actually meant to hurt you and bring you down. Sometimes, it’s just constructive criticism in disguise. There are times you have to take a step back and ask yourself if it’s just helpful advice instead of negativity. Once you realize that there are some people who are trying to help you succeed, you can use that as motivation to be better.

Negativity comes in all forms. Whether it’s from someone else or in your own thoughts, it’s never fun to deal with. If you use that negativity as motivation, you can succeed in anything you do. Remember that YOU are amazing and strong. XOX

Staying Motivated During the Holiday Season (and Cheat Meal Tips)


Hi babes! Holiday season IS HERE! Although this is many of our favorite time of the year because there’s fun and family involved, our health can often take a toll. With all of the family and fun comes big meals, desserts (hello, dark chocolate-my FAV!), and holiday drinks! While of all this will be good for your soul, it’s not really good for your fitness journey.

But have no fear! There are ways to stay motivated during the holiday season and even different ways you can have a few cheat meals without feeling overly guilty. Here’s what I do to keep up with my fitness regiment and how you can enjoy your holiday season while keeping your fitness on the right track.

1.    Don’t Skip Regular Workouts

Just because you have family staying over at your place or have big holiday plans later in the day doesn’t mean you can’t spend an hour or so in the gym. If you normally go to the gym on a Monday, then make sure to get in the gym on that day no matter what’s going on around you. Keeping your scheduled workouts in, or scheduling them if you haven't already will not only keep you fit, but it’ll help you stay on track and feel less guilty!


2.    Drink MORE Water

Since you’ll most likely be eating and drinking stuff you normally don’t consume on a regular basis, you should always remember to drink more water. This will help flush out unwanted toxins and keep your metabolism running smoothly all day. Not to mention being hydrated helps keep you feeling full so you won’t over eat.


3.    Have a Holiday Fit Buddy

You can’t be the only person in your family focused on staying fit during the holidays. Since there will be more family members around, recruit people to help keep you motivated and you’ll do the same for them in return. I'm also always here for you too!! (1 tweet away ;) 


4.    Play Active Holiday Games

Instead of playing a card game, find games that requires everyone to get up and moving! It doesn’t have to be a game of football outside, but it should be enough to get your blood pumping so you’re not just sitting all day long.


5.    Don’t Forget That Bodyweight Workouts Count

If you can’t get to the gym due to time constraints or because your gym closes on certain holidays, that’s no excuse. You can do SO MANY at-home workouts that can be just as effective as getting into the gym. Make no excuses and get a workout in no matter how short! I'll be launching my Fitplan, if you haven't signed up yet be sure to check it out <3


6.    Bring Healthy Dishes to Pass

If you’re worried about all the delicious - but bad for you - foods that will be there, bring a couple healthier dishes to pass. If you fill up on those before indulging in some unhealthy options, you’ll feel less guilty and eat much healthier. Another bonus tip is to fill up your plate half full of veggies before anything else!


7.    Make Healthy Desserts to Indulge in

Desserts are going to be rough for everyone who’s trying to watch what they eat. Believe me when I say I could eat pounds of dark chocolate without batting an eye. The trick for this is to bring a dessert that’s both sweet and somewhat healthy. That way you can eat that one first and eat less of the desserts that are worse for you.


8.    Don’t Beat Yourself up About a Few Cheat Meals

This is something you have to remember. Having a few cheat meals doesn’t mean it’s the end of your fitness journey or that your workouts will be pointless and therefore you should skip them. You are allowed to indulge and enjoy the time with your friends and family. Just make sure to get right back on track after the holiday and even kick it up a notch if you really want to feel better about your holiday indulgences.

Remember the festive season is for fun, family, and making memories. It shouldn’t be about feeling guilty for those actions. By staying motivated during the holidays you’ll feel much better about making memories instead of regretting one too many desserts! xoxo love you all


Finding Confidence in the Gym is Easier Than You Think

Hi loves! If you’re someone who has a hard time getting in the gym because you’re a little self conscious, you’re not alone. There are tons of people – including me – who find the gym to be intimidating and sometimes downright scary! This can make us put off going into the gym and even skipping it completely because we just can’t get the confidence to get our workout in.

The reason for being self-conscious has a lot to do with fearing that people will judge you. In our society, it’s easy to think that someone who’s looking at you while you’re doing a workout is probably thinking something bad when in reality, they may just be admiring your form, your workout gear, or even the workout itself!

If you’re like me and so many other people out there who lack confidence in the gym, these tips can help you gain the self-esteem you need to strut into the gym and own your workouts.

1.    Go In With a Plan

Something that helps many people build their self-confidence is walking into the gym knowing exactly what it is they need to do. Write down your workout plan and follow it to the best of your ability. For example, if you’re going to do abs and arms one day, write out the ab and arm workouts you’re going to do and in what order. Having this physical checklist will help you get through them one at a time and you won’t pay too much attention to anybody else.

2.    Know Proper Form

Knowledge is power and confidence in the gym. Many people may feel intimidated if there are others in the gym who seem to know more than they do and are more experienced. People lose confidence when they feel like they might be doing something wrong or can’t do the movement right. So doing your research and becoming knowledgeable about fitness and certain workouts is your best bet to gain confidence in the gym!

3.    Put on “Blinders”

This may sound silly and it could even make no sense to all of you, but when I go into the gym, I put on my own invisible blinders. I put on my headphones and tune out the rest of the people in the gym. This is a mental exercise that will take some time to master but after a while, it’ll become second nature to you. This is the idea that you don’t look at anyone and you focus on yourself and your workout. Practice this each time you go into the gym and eventually you won’t even think about what other people are thinking.

4.    Get a Workout Buddy

This is by far the best way to find confidence in the gym. When you hit the gym with a friend you really don’t even think about other people at all and your workout buddy can help you with your workouts. The plus side to this is that you’ll even have more fun with your workouts and the gym will turn into a pleasant place to be! They can also push you to workout longer and harder and try new things you would’ve been too scared to try before.

5.    Start Slow and Build Up

Don’t expect to get into the gym and hit the weights super hard. If you’re new to the gym, you have to start slow and build up to the confidence you need. This means setting a goal for yourself to get through 4 or 5 exercises each time you’re in the gym. Then you can work your way up to 5-7 exercises for legs, an ab workout, and cardio all in one! This will help you deal with the your lack of confidence in small doses until you’ve found the self-esteem you need.

Gyms can be intimidating places, but only if you let them be! You’re not alone in feeling self-conscious when you go to get your daily workout done. If you follow these tips, you’ll find that the gym is a welcoming community that can be really fun and rewarding.

Motivation Can Unlock Your Inner Strengths – Here’s How

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! There’s something that I want to talk about today that you may have never thought of before. I want to touch on the topic of motivation and how it can help you unlock your inner strengths.

A lot of us lack motivation in our lives and this doesn’t just affect our ability to get in the gym and make a change in our bodies, it also affects other aspects of our lives, too. We all have certain inner strengths that get buried in doubt when we lack motivation. This is how motivation can unlock your inner strengths not only in your fitness life, but in your work and personal lives, too.


You’ll Be More Positive

Positivity can go a LONG way when it comes to every part of your life. If you’re more positive about situations, you’ll have more success in them. When you can get motivation in your life, it’ll help you see that positive side of things.

When you have a positive outlook on life, not only can you see the good side of even the worse situations, but you can actually turn those bad situations into good ones just with your attitude. Having motivation will help train your mind to think in a positive and uplifting way.


You’ll Believe In Yourself

Motivation doesn’t just stop at helping you get up off the couch. If you find motivation often, you’ll start to notice just how much you believe in yourself. This isn’t only beneficial in the fitness world, it can have drastic changes on the rest of your life as well.

When you believe that you are capable of great things, you will start to put yourself out there and push for greatness. When you know that you can do something, you will succeed in doing it and motivation is a huge part in making you start to believe in who you are.


You’ll Make More Sound Decisions

Basically with this one, by keeping motivation in your life, it’ll help you learn to trust yourself. When you trust who you are and the decisions you make, it makes it so much easier to actually make those choices and stick with them.

When you have frequent motivation to do the things you love and the things you have to do in order to get to the person you want to be, you’ll find that you’ll trust yourself more and more as you continue in your journey. When you trust yourself, it’s so much easier to understand what you have to do to reach your goals.

We all know how powerful motivation can be to get us in the gym, but I don’t think many know just how important it is in shaping our entire lives. If you’re lacking motivation, go out there and find what motivates you and cling to it. Whether it’s a certain fitness account, goal body picture, or even the condition of your health, hold on to that motivation and you’ll change your whole life.

This is What You Need if You Want to Stay Motivated

Motivation Monday is here and I think we could all use a little pick me up after the weekend, don’t you think? Mondays are so hard because we just spent the weekend doing whatever we wanted to do and now we have to get back to the daily grind!

It’s really easy to lose your motivation – I know how it feels. One minute you have all the drive in the world and the next it’s like you can’t even remember what you wanted to do in the first place. Or maybe you’re about to do something productive but then suddenly decide that your bed is more important than, well, anything else. Staying motivated is one of the hardest things to do, but if you have this one thing, you’ll learn how to stay motivated.

Weekly Goals

How can you stay motivated to keep going to the gym if you don’t know why you’re doing it? This is a problem that a lot of us face daily. Staying motivated to do anything, really, can be hard if you don’t have one little thing…a goal.

Goals are pretty much the driving force that makes us drag our butts out of bed in the morning, head out into the (sometimes) bitter cold, and face another grueling workout. Why do we do it? Because we have a goal. We want to look a certain way, be a certain weight, or maybe just be a healthier person.

No matter what you’re motivated to do, you’re motivated because of an end goal. Without having a specific goal you will lose your motivation very quickly and you’ll be disappointed in yourself when you realize that you can’t just get up and do it.


Setting Your Goals

The first step to getting motivated is setting up your goal. What is it that you really want to achieve? Do you want to get a bigger butt, lose some weight, sculpt your abs? You have to have an end goal. Got it? Great!! Now take that goal and write it down – ALL OVER!

One thing to remember about setting your goals, though, is that you want to make sure they’re realistic. Start with smaller, more attainable goals, before skipping right to getting a body like Rihanna’s. Set a goal that is realistic FOR YOU.


Sticking to Your Goals

If you have a picture of your goal body, tape it up or save it where you’ll see it every day. Write your goal down on sticky notes and leave them all over your room so you can’t help but be reminded every single day.

These little reminders of your goal will help motivate you in the morning and push you through every single workout you have. When you’re not motivated, it’s usually because you’ve lost sight of your goals. Just remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and you’ll feel that motivation to keep pushing forward like I know you can!


Reaching Your Goals

What happens when you’ve reached your goal body, weight, or health status? Most people might throw up their hands and think, “Well, I’m done,” and lose all motivation to do anything else.

Once you’ve reached your goal (CONGRATULATIONS by the way!!), your next step is to make a new one. Never stop making goals, accomplishing them, and being better than you were yesterday. When you do stop making these goals, you’ll lose your motivation.

Sometimes staying motivated can be the hardest thing we all have to face, but if you have a goal in mind and are reminded of that goal daily, you WILL be motivated and you CAN accomplish them!

Tell me what goals you have and how you’re planning to stay motivated to accomplish them in the comments below!

Common Exercise Excuses


Common Exercise Excuses You Need to Stop Making !!

See if you have ever used one of these excuses to NOT exercise:

1. I’m tired.
2. I’m hungry.
3. I’m full.
4. It’s too hot out.
5. It’s too cold out.
6. It’s raining.
7. It’s Friday.
8. It’s Monday.
9. It’s too expensive.
10.I need to lose weight before I can exercise. 
11. I don’t know what to do when I get to the gym. 
12. Everyone will laugh at me.

Now some of these may sound a little silly but I’ve heard every one of them. I’m sure each of us could add to this list as well. Here’s the thing though...excuses don’t move us forward. Excuses hold us back. Excuses hold us back from experiencing life and discovering what our bodies and minds CAN do.

If we look back at this list, I could give you an easy fix for every one of these excuses. Let’s pick a few.
“It’s too hot out.” Well then find a cool room in your house to workout, or go to an air- conditioned gym!

“Its’ too expensive.” The days of having to join a gym and pay a ton of money for your workouts are gone. If you have access to the internet, you have access to an infinite resource of exercise videos either through youtube, podcasts, or other free fitness-related private websites. Don’t want to stare at a computer screen? Grab a friend and go for a run or bike ride. Lay a blanket or yoga mat outside and practice yoga in the grass.

“I need to lose weight before I exercise.” Unless your doctor has advised against exercise because of weight or medical issues, then you can start moving your body in some way today. If weight loss is a goal, then a healthy diet will complement your exercise efforts and your exercise will positively impact your nutritional goals. There is no magical time to start exercising. Just start today.

“Everyone will laugh at me at the gym.” Sometimes the hardest part of working out is walking through the doors to the gym...or into a studio for a class. Many of us can get very self-conscious in those times when we feel uncomfortable and we might think everyone is looking at us or laughing at us. The truth is, most people are not looking at you or laughing at you. They are thinking about themselves and their own workout experience.

At some point, we are all going to come up with an exercise excuse. We are human. We make excuses . However, if we want to see change in our bodies and in our minds, we have to shift our mindset towards what we CAN do and not what we CAN’T do.

The next time you find yourself coming up with an excuse, whatever it is, see if you can shift your mindset to focus on something you could actually do and think POSITIVE. Example...if you are telling yourself that it’s Friday, you deserve the day could spin that into a resolve to take the stairs everywhere instead of the elevator and park far away from the office in the parking lot. This way you are getting in some exercise, in spite of your Friday excuse.

Focus on what you can do. What is doable. Shift your thoughts from the negative excuses to the positive attainable actions. Only YOU can overcome your excuses and though it might be hard and a struggle at times, your body and mind will benefit infinitely from the simple acting of DOING something instead of making up an excuse.