Motivation Can Unlock Your Inner Strengths – Here’s How

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! There’s something that I want to talk about today that you may have never thought of before. I want to touch on the topic of motivation and how it can help you unlock your inner strengths.

A lot of us lack motivation in our lives and this doesn’t just affect our ability to get in the gym and make a change in our bodies, it also affects other aspects of our lives, too. We all have certain inner strengths that get buried in doubt when we lack motivation. This is how motivation can unlock your inner strengths not only in your fitness life, but in your work and personal lives, too.


You’ll Be More Positive

Positivity can go a LONG way when it comes to every part of your life. If you’re more positive about situations, you’ll have more success in them. When you can get motivation in your life, it’ll help you see that positive side of things.

When you have a positive outlook on life, not only can you see the good side of even the worse situations, but you can actually turn those bad situations into good ones just with your attitude. Having motivation will help train your mind to think in a positive and uplifting way.


You’ll Believe In Yourself

Motivation doesn’t just stop at helping you get up off the couch. If you find motivation often, you’ll start to notice just how much you believe in yourself. This isn’t only beneficial in the fitness world, it can have drastic changes on the rest of your life as well.

When you believe that you are capable of great things, you will start to put yourself out there and push for greatness. When you know that you can do something, you will succeed in doing it and motivation is a huge part in making you start to believe in who you are.


You’ll Make More Sound Decisions

Basically with this one, by keeping motivation in your life, it’ll help you learn to trust yourself. When you trust who you are and the decisions you make, it makes it so much easier to actually make those choices and stick with them.

When you have frequent motivation to do the things you love and the things you have to do in order to get to the person you want to be, you’ll find that you’ll trust yourself more and more as you continue in your journey. When you trust yourself, it’s so much easier to understand what you have to do to reach your goals.


We all know how powerful motivation can be to get us in the gym, but I don’t think many know just how important it is in shaping our entire lives. If you’re lacking motivation, go out there and find what motivates you and cling to it. Whether it’s a certain fitness account, goal body picture, or even the condition of your health, hold on to that motivation and you’ll change your whole life.

This is What You Need if You Want to Stay Motivated

Motivation Monday is here and I think we could all use a little pick me up after the weekend, don’t you think? Mondays are so hard because we just spent the weekend doing whatever we wanted to do and now we have to get back to the daily grind!

It’s really easy to lose your motivation – I know how it feels. One minute you have all the drive in the world and the next it’s like you can’t even remember what you wanted to do in the first place. Or maybe you’re about to do something productive but then suddenly decide that your bed is more important than, well, anything else. Staying motivated is one of the hardest things to do, but if you have this one thing, you’ll learn how to stay motivated.

Weekly Goals

How can you stay motivated to keep going to the gym if you don’t know why you’re doing it? This is a problem that a lot of us face daily. Staying motivated to do anything, really, can be hard if you don’t have one little thing…a goal.

Goals are pretty much the driving force that makes us drag our butts out of bed in the morning, head out into the (sometimes) bitter cold, and face another grueling workout. Why do we do it? Because we have a goal. We want to look a certain way, be a certain weight, or maybe just be a healthier person.

No matter what you’re motivated to do, you’re motivated because of an end goal. Without having a specific goal you will lose your motivation very quickly and you’ll be disappointed in yourself when you realize that you can’t just get up and do it.


Setting Your Goals

The first step to getting motivated is setting up your goal. What is it that you really want to achieve? Do you want to get a bigger butt, lose some weight, sculpt your abs? You have to have an end goal. Got it? Great!! Now take that goal and write it down – ALL OVER!

One thing to remember about setting your goals, though, is that you want to make sure they’re realistic. Start with smaller, more attainable goals, before skipping right to getting a body like Rihanna’s. Set a goal that is realistic FOR YOU.


Sticking to Your Goals

If you have a picture of your goal body, tape it up or save it where you’ll see it every day. Write your goal down on sticky notes and leave them all over your room so you can’t help but be reminded every single day.

These little reminders of your goal will help motivate you in the morning and push you through every single workout you have. When you’re not motivated, it’s usually because you’ve lost sight of your goals. Just remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and you’ll feel that motivation to keep pushing forward like I know you can!


Reaching Your Goals

What happens when you’ve reached your goal body, weight, or health status? Most people might throw up their hands and think, “Well, I’m done,” and lose all motivation to do anything else.

Once you’ve reached your goal (CONGRATULATIONS by the way!!), your next step is to make a new one. Never stop making goals, accomplishing them, and being better than you were yesterday. When you do stop making these goals, you’ll lose your motivation.

Sometimes staying motivated can be the hardest thing we all have to face, but if you have a goal in mind and are reminded of that goal daily, you WILL be motivated and you CAN accomplish them!

Tell me what goals you have and how you’re planning to stay motivated to accomplish them in the comments below!