New Start, New YOU!


Where do I start post holiday when I feel like i fell off track? Even those of us with the strongest of willpower may have strayed away from our workouts or regular eating habits.

So where do we start? First, rather than freaking out, we recognize that we want to get back on track. Second, we do not beat ourselves up mentally. Let’s repeat that. We do not beat ourselves up. Whether the scale is reading higher than normal, or our clothes fit tighter, we do our best to be kind to ourselves. It could be so easy to get mad and frustrated but we need to spin that energy into positive and supportive vibes. The right mindset will make all the difference in getting back to our pre-holiday weight. Finally, we incorporate some smart and simple healthy choices (like those below) that we can practice daily and maintain over time.

1. Drink water - Choose water as your drink whenever possible. Water has no calories, tastes great, quenches our thirst, helps flush toxins from our bodies, and the list goes on and on. Choose water. All day. Every day!!!!

2. Get back to a normal sleep schedule - Late night parties can lead to poor sleep habits. Poor sleep can negatively affect metabolism. Try your best to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

3. Write down a small daily fitness goal that includes some type of exercise. If we choose a small goal (go for a walk, get 30 minutes on the treadmill, practice 20 minutes of yoga), especially in the beginning, we have a higher chance of sticking with our goal. The guidelines for exercise suggest 150 minutes of moderate exercise in a week. We can break this time up into small increments and accumulate the minutes throughout our day and week… which again makes an exercise goal much more achievable. (see link below for a workout)


This link is to a 12-minute “fat burning” power walk.

We don’t need much equipment other some comfortable workout clothes and a good pair of socks and sneakers.

This video provides a great example of:

- getting a workout done in a short period of time (15 minutes)

- an indoor workout that you can do in they privacy of your home

- how to increase your heart rate and start to strengthen the cardiorespiratory system with simple movements