Staying Motivated During the Holiday Season (and Cheat Meal Tips)


Hi babes! Holiday season IS HERE! Although this is many of our favorite time of the year because there’s fun and family involved, our health can often take a toll. With all of the family and fun comes big meals, desserts (hello, dark chocolate-my FAV!), and holiday drinks! While of all this will be good for your soul, it’s not really good for your fitness journey.

But have no fear! There are ways to stay motivated during the holiday season and even different ways you can have a few cheat meals without feeling overly guilty. Here’s what I do to keep up with my fitness regiment and how you can enjoy your holiday season while keeping your fitness on the right track.

1.    Don’t Skip Regular Workouts

Just because you have family staying over at your place or have big holiday plans later in the day doesn’t mean you can’t spend an hour or so in the gym. If you normally go to the gym on a Monday, then make sure to get in the gym on that day no matter what’s going on around you. Keeping your scheduled workouts in, or scheduling them if you haven't already will not only keep you fit, but it’ll help you stay on track and feel less guilty!


2.    Drink MORE Water

Since you’ll most likely be eating and drinking stuff you normally don’t consume on a regular basis, you should always remember to drink more water. This will help flush out unwanted toxins and keep your metabolism running smoothly all day. Not to mention being hydrated helps keep you feeling full so you won’t over eat.


3.    Have a Holiday Fit Buddy

You can’t be the only person in your family focused on staying fit during the holidays. Since there will be more family members around, recruit people to help keep you motivated and you’ll do the same for them in return. I'm also always here for you too!! (1 tweet away ;) 


4.    Play Active Holiday Games

Instead of playing a card game, find games that requires everyone to get up and moving! It doesn’t have to be a game of football outside, but it should be enough to get your blood pumping so you’re not just sitting all day long.


5.    Don’t Forget That Bodyweight Workouts Count

If you can’t get to the gym due to time constraints or because your gym closes on certain holidays, that’s no excuse. You can do SO MANY at-home workouts that can be just as effective as getting into the gym. Make no excuses and get a workout in no matter how short! I'll be launching my Fitplan, if you haven't signed up yet be sure to check it out <3


6.    Bring Healthy Dishes to Pass

If you’re worried about all the delicious - but bad for you - foods that will be there, bring a couple healthier dishes to pass. If you fill up on those before indulging in some unhealthy options, you’ll feel less guilty and eat much healthier. Another bonus tip is to fill up your plate half full of veggies before anything else!


7.    Make Healthy Desserts to Indulge in

Desserts are going to be rough for everyone who’s trying to watch what they eat. Believe me when I say I could eat pounds of dark chocolate without batting an eye. The trick for this is to bring a dessert that’s both sweet and somewhat healthy. That way you can eat that one first and eat less of the desserts that are worse for you.


8.    Don’t Beat Yourself up About a Few Cheat Meals

This is something you have to remember. Having a few cheat meals doesn’t mean it’s the end of your fitness journey or that your workouts will be pointless and therefore you should skip them. You are allowed to indulge and enjoy the time with your friends and family. Just make sure to get right back on track after the holiday and even kick it up a notch if you really want to feel better about your holiday indulgences.

Remember the festive season is for fun, family, and making memories. It shouldn’t be about feeling guilty for those actions. By staying motivated during the holidays you’ll feel much better about making memories instead of regretting one too many desserts! xoxo love you all