Perfection Does Not Exist. Everyone Has A Different Body And Body Shape.

Many of my followers tell me they want to look just like someone else. Or have a certain person's arms, abs, or legs. Well, I hate to say it but it doesn't work that way...and that's a good thing! We can't just copy and paste the perfect body together from parts into a whole.  Let's leave that to Frankenstein. Instead, it's important to find the beauty inside of you and the magic of crafting your very own version of health and perfection. The best part: there can only be one of you :)

It is great to have a goal to help motivate you and improve yourself and your self-image, but it is unrealistic to try to compare yourself to someone else and become just like them. You may find yourself disappointed. Often images that you see in magazines or online have been modified or altered and are an unattainable goal. It is important to remember that NO ONE IS PERFECT!  My first advice is to stop comparing yourself. Everyone is different, and has different body types, if you are constantly trying to be something you are not, you will be disappointed. 

 The goal is to be the BEST VERSION of YOU!  YOU. YES YOU are beautiful!  Everyone has room for improvement and everyone has something they don’t like about the way they look, but it is important to focus on the things you do like and to work to be a better you tomorrow. What does that mean?  If today you can do 5 push ups, then work to increase that to 10 then 20 and then 30.  If today you are eating pop tarts and caramel lattes for breakfast, then tomorrow change it out with healthier options.  Everyday you can find ways to improve and you can definitely find ways to get stronger and healthier against yourself and nobody else. Goals you can achieve!  What you will discover is that you will begin to take pride in YOU and YOUR accomplishments and YOUR image in the mirror!!  BE BOLD, BE BEAUTIFUL, BE STRONG, BE YOU! 

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