Can What You Wear Affect How You Workout?


Hi loves! Something I wanted to talk about today has to do with what you wear when you’re working out. As much as it seems pointless, what you wear can actually impact your workout for the better…or for the worse.

There’s a reason we don’t go into the gym in jeans and a leather jacket. As cool as we might look in a badass outfit like that, they don’t offer what we need in order to get a killer workout in. In fact, they make working out a lot harder and can negatively impact our results.

Now, I know all of you won’t go to the gym dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, but are you wearing the right clothes in order to get the most out of your workout? Here’s how what you wear can affect your workout and stunt the progress toward your goals.

1.    Compression Leggings VS Yoga Leggings

Heavy weight lifting and yoga are almost opposite workouts. I think we can all agree on that. So why is it that many people wear the same leggings for each? Truth be told, if you want to reap the most rewards from your specific workouts, you should wear the leggings that support what you’re doing.

For example, yoga is all about movement and breathability. You want your yoga leggings to be able to stretch far but still have some breathing room. On the other hand, when you’re lifting heavy weights, compression leggings – or tighter leggings – are better for constricting the muscle to induce more blood flow. The increase in blood flow provides your muscles with more oxygen which in turn makes them function at a higher level.

 2.    Sweaters VS Tanks

Weather and the temperature of your gym is always going to play a role in whether you should wear sweaters or tank tops in the gym. If you find that your movements are slow and you’re not able to stay “warmed up” for very long, it’s probably because your muscles are cooling down a lot faster than they should be. That being said, wearing tanks is a bad idea if this happens to you often. On the other hand, wearing sweaters and sweatpants will keep your body temperature higher for a longer period of time, allowing your muscles to stay warm and fully functioning.

 3.    Running Shoes VS Lifting Shoes

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that shoes are labeled differently according to what they’re made for. But maybe some of you aren’t fully aware of just how beneficial working out with the right shoe can be.

If you’re a long distance runner, you’ll definitely need some shoes that are meant specifically for running. They’re padded more at the bottom and allow for spring when you step. This is to protect your knees because the repeated impact of running can harm them if you don’t use the right shoes to run in.

Lifting shoes that are meant for heavy weight training are specifically designed do be sturdy, have a slightly raised heel (depending on the shoe) and won’t have much – if any – spring at all because it would hinder your performance. If you use running shoes during your heavy lifting, you won’t be able to lift as stable as with a training shoe and this could compromise your form significantly.

 4.    Fashion Sports Bra VS Effective Sports Bra

You can’t deny just how adorable some sports bras are out there, but how many of those fashion forward bras are actually effective? Sports bras are meant to hold the girls in tight so you don’t have the discomfort of them moving too much during a workout. If you don’t wear effective sports bras, you could be easily distracted by your discomfort and may even skip out on important and beneficial exercises (like jumping rope) that can help you achieve your goals.

 5.    Look Good, Feel Good

Now, your attire may not be ALL about how good you look, but I think we can all agree that looking great in the gym definitely helps you feel amazing. When you feel confident, you push yourself harder, find your workouts to be a little easier, and you actually want to stay in the gym longer to show off your adorable outfit. Those are all things that can help propel you forward to meet your fitness goals.

 What you wear in the gym is actually more important than you think. If you want to make the most out of your workout, try your best to find the clothes that will help you achieve your goals!