10 Daily Habits to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Hi babes! When it comes to self-confidence, it can be easy to let the negativity take over. We let one bad thought turn into two and then three and pretty soon, we’re overcome with negative thoughts about ourselves and our self-confidence is ruined.

I know this better than anyone. I have days where I don’t feel good about myself at all. The trick is to practice being happy with yourself every single day. After I started doing these 10 things daily, I found that I was waking up much happier with myself and who I am and the negative thoughts don’t come around nearly as much as they used to.

If you turn these 10 confidence-boosting things into a habit, it’ll be so much easier to realize just how great you truly are.

1.    Wake up and think positive thoughts only.

If you start your day immediately by thinking great thoughts about yourself, it can set the tone for the rest of the day. So right when you wake up, list off three things that you love about yourself and that you’re happy about. Just saying those things to yourself can have a powerful influence on the way you see yourself in any situation for the whole day.   

2.    Every time you have negative thought, replace it with 2 good ones.

Two steps forward, one step back. Although this may seem like a slow way to make progress, you are still making progress. For every negative thought you have about yourself, make sure you think of 2 good ones. When the good outweighs the bad, the good will always win.

3.    Better yourself by reading.

Reading is something that not many people do after they leave school. But if you read every day – no matter what it is – you’re stimulating your mind. If you like to read fiction or self-help books or even books about gaining motivation, you’ll find that it makes you feel great about yourself. I know it helps me!

4.    Write down your worries.

Many people have a diary or a small journal. It doesn’t have to be something fancy. So long as you’re writing down your worries and concerns, it can help. Getting those feelings down on paper where they’re visible for you to see can not only help you process them, but it gives you another perspective and you can see that you’re being unreasonable with certain worries about yourself.

5.    Find a reason to smile about yourself.

If you smile about something that you do or say or even just something that you found you liked about yourself, you are one step closer to boosting your self-confidence. Every single day, I make a point to find a reason to smile about myself and it has helped with my self-esteem a ton!

6.    Find a reason to smile about someone else.

In a world where there’s access to so many different people to see, it’s easy to sit at the computer or on our phones or even looking at magazines and compare ourselves. We think everyone else is better and it makes us feel bitter toward them. Instead, practice smiling at someone else’s accomplishments. Feeling great about someone else without putting yourself down can boost your self-confidence immensely.

7.    Accept the things you can’t change.

Something that holds a lot of us back in our self-confidence is that we get hung up on all the things we can’t change. We wish we were smarter or more talented in a certain field or we wish we looked a certain way. In order to find your confidence, you have to accept what you can’t change and even start to feel great about those things because they make you unique.

8.    See your failures as lessons, instead.

Don’t look at something you failed at and get yourself down. I don’t succeed at everything I do by any means. That being said, I don’t sit and wallow about those failures either. Instead, I look at them as a lesson I can learn from. I look at them as something that makes me better than I was before.

9.    Make someone else feel great about themselves.

You know what is underrated as a means to gain self-confidence? Boosting someone else’s. Have you ever realized how great you feel after giving someone a compliment that made them smile? Being able to recognize great qualities in others and actually voice them can be a huge self-esteem booster for yourself, too.

10.  Remember that there is NO ONE else like you.

People forget that they’re one of a kind. Being unique and rare and truly unlike anyone else should be enough to make you feel incredible about yourself. There is nobody else out there who is everything you are. Be happy with yourself – the great things and the flaws. Because without a combination of those, you aren’t you.

Everyone deserves to have incredible self-confidence. If you struggled with this from time to time like me, these 10 daily habits will definitely help boost your self-esteem for good and help you see just how incredible you really are.