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Hi, my loves! I’m so excited to announce my newest Fitplan, the Mind Body Challenge. First things first - this #jenselterchallenge is a 30 day challenge filled with tons of giveaways and plenty of motivation. Last time I created a challenge like this, we had so many of you sign up and complete it! I know we are going to double that number and be so proud of our results.

Side note: I’m giving the first week FREE to those who sign up early!

Here are the types of workouts you can expect from the first 5 days of the #JenSelterChallenge. It’s not about taking the easy way out, it’s about working hard toward your goals and facing the tough stuff head-on. Believe in yourself! Commit to yourself! Be your best self!

Day 1: Full Body We’ll start off strong with a 20-minute total body workout that targets your glutes, biceps, legs and abs. Minimal rest time will get our heart rates up and keep our workout super quick!

Day 2: Lower Body Your first lower body day targets your glutes, because that’s what we’re all ultimately going for, right? Remember, a strong booty isn’t only about looks —it helps your posture, promotes athletic performance and can help prevent injury.

Day 3: Full Body Get your booty ready to work again today! We’ll target our abs and glutes for this one with short rest times, which means we will also be getting our heart rate up for optimal fat loss.

Day 4: Upper Body Get ready to set your arms and core on fire. On day 4 we’ll target your arms, shoulders and abs.

Day 5: Full Body Bring a towel, because day 5 is going to make you sweat. You’ll get a full cardio and strength workout in 20 minutes with frog kicks, lunges, and you guessed it, burpees. Make it count!


  • Sign up on my website (Form at the bottom of this blog post)

  • Download Fitplan and subscribe to my Mind Body Challenge on March 4th. 1st WEEK FREE if you sign up early below!! Otherwise, It’s $12.00 for 30 DAYS OF WORKOUTS!!!! We will be able to track results, and I will guide you through each move.

  • On your instagram posts, make sure you are using the #jenselterchallenge and #seltering hashtags so I can see all your progress and cheer you on.

  • Post stories tagging me before or after you complete your workout for that day so that I can see it and repost!!! You will also be entered into a pool for my WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS!!!

At the end of the month I will select one  WINNER to come down to NYC to SPEND THE DAY WITH ME AND receive a free year on the fitplan app! (expenses on me).

THE SWEATY PART - Mind body challenge

It’s a 30-day program with zero rest days. Yep, you read that right! This is a challenge that’s meant to work both your body and mind, so once you’ve completed it, you’ll feel strong, toned, and unstoppable.

I know what you’re thinking: “How am I supposed to work out for 30 days straight along with everything else I have going on in life?”

I feel you! That’s why Mind Body Challenge is made up of efficient 25-minute workouts and requires minimal equipment —literally one pair of resistance bands and one pair of resistance loops. You can throw them in your bag and work out anywhere. Whether you’re on a break at work or between classes, you can bust out your bands and get that good burn going wherever you are. No excuses, babe!

What Mind Body Means to Me

I named my new Fitplan Mind Body Challenge because I believe strongly in the power of the mind-body connection. Your thoughts, emotions and spirit have a direct connection to the way your body functions, which is why exercising both your mind and body are equally important.

When I first started my fitness journey, working behind the desk making smoothies at a gym, my mind and body were working as two separate entities. Later in my journey, I learned that having a healthy mindset is just as important as having a healthy body. So I began to eat cleaner and surround myself with positivity. However, just like anything in life, you are a work in progress. I’m still finding ways to have a healthy mind and body and have started to meditate and do yoga!

All is all, Nothing worth working for is easy. That’s why I designed Mind Body Challenge with tough, muscle-burning moves and no rest days, so you can keep your eye on the prize and commit to pushing towards your goal. You’ll feel accomplished after completing each day, and by day 30, you’ll feel empowered to take on any task, goal or dilemma that stands in your way. I believe in you, and I want you to believe in yourself!

Let’s get into the equipment - What’s the difference between bands and loops?

Resistance bands have handles on either side, which allow you to perform a variety of workouts like rows, deadlifts and tricep extensions. Resistance loops are connected in a loop so you can easily slip them over your thighs or calves for exercises like clams, glute kickbacks and sumo squats. Both types of bands offer a ton of flexibility and are an excellent way to add extra fat-burn to your workouts.

Where to get a band: You can easily pick them up at your local Target or Walmart, or order them on Amazon. Most bands are offered in light, medium and heavy resistance levels; I recommend picking up all 3 so you can continue challenging yourself as you get stronger.

The 411 on my Fitplan App

It’s super simple! All six of my Fitplans can be accessed on iOS and Android.

Each workout includes step-by-step video instructions from me.

I guide you through every exercise. Don’t mind my awkward voiceovers lol.

Track your reps and weights right in the app.

Use the built-in rest timer to make the most of your workouts.

Join my Facebook Fit Fam for support and motivation with THE MOST AMAZING WOMEN from all over the world.

Ready to get started? Download Mind Body Challenge on Fitplan and get your first week free by signing up below!