Have You Heard of this New Health Hack?


Hi my loves! Today I want to talk about something that has made such a difference in my life— blue light filtering glasses from Felix Gray

As many of you know, I’ve struggled with migraines, headaches, and sleepless nights for a while now, and I didn’t realize how much blue light from my phone and computer screen was really affecting me. After seeing many doctors, I learned that staring at screens all day can cause something called Digital Eye Strain, which means you can experience tired eyes, blurry vision, or even headaches.

I decided to find a solution and came across Felix Gray. They make glasses that filter blue light and eliminate glare with the goal of bringing happiness and productivity to our screen-filled world. I reached out to test their eyeglasses myself and see if they helped with the issues I was having. These glasses really make a difference and my eyes feel so much better at the end of the day. While I still experience headaches from time to time, regularly wearing my Felix Grays has significantly decreased the number and severity of headaches I get.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in front of screens – which, let’s be real is most of us – I would totally recommend getting a pair. Since I don’t normally wear glasses I have their non-prescription ones, but they also offer prescription and reading glasses too. Plus, they have so many fun styles and colors to choose from. I really love their Kepler and Nash frames, but you can check out their website and see what look you like the most. Trust me, it’s totally worth it!

PS - for those of you that have trouble sleeping, they just launched Sleep Glasses designed to increase melatonin secretion and I’ve just picked up a pair of those too!