Say Goodbye to All Your Bad Habits with This Technique

I hope all of you are doing fantastic today. The week is almost over but you still have 2 more days to push toward your goals and make them happen!

One thing I want to talk about today is how we all have bad habits. We do. Some of them are harmless while others can hold you back from achieving the things you really want to.

For example, sleeping in. It seems like it’s a perfectly fine thing to do when you don’t really have anything to do right away in the morning, but if you’re trying to get up early and head to the gym before work, sleeping in can ruin your energy every morning!

A lot of you have told me about certain habits of yours that you think are holding you back from hitting your goals and I just wanted to share something that helped me in the hopes that it will help you just as much and that’s the 21-day rule. 


What Is The 21-Day Rule?

I’m sure you guys may have seen me post about this before and that’s because it REALLY WORKS! It’s just the idea that it takes you 21 days to make or break a habit. If you do something consistently for 21 days you will have made a habit out of it.

That’s LESS THAN A MONTH! I think all of you are capable of doing this and so much more! Once you start doing something daily for 21 days, it will feel weird when you DON’T do it.


Making The 21-Day Rule A Bit Easier

This is honestly the hardest part of the whole thing and it’s really not even that bad. Think of a bad habit that you have and you want to break. Got it? Now, every single time you start doing this, you will stop yourself and find a NEW habit to pick up – one that is beneficial for you.

Instead of just trying to hold yourself back from doing the bad habit, starting the new one will actually keep your mind occupied AND it’s adding something valuable to your life. The technique of replacing an old habit with a new one at the same time makes this process a whole lot easier for you.

For example, every single time you reach for a bag of chips, grab a piece of fruit instead. Now, eat the piece of fruit and drink a whole glass of water. Doing this every single time you want a bag of chips for 21 days will make you get into the habit of eating fruit and drinking water for a snack instead of filling your body with something harmful and bad for you.

See how much better that can be for you?!


Just Give It 21 Days!

I know that sounds like a piece of cake, but it will be hard at first. All you have to remember is that it’s 21 days. Only 21 days and you can be FREE of that old, bad habit that is weighing you down and you can pick up a new habit that is really healthy and good for you!

I know that all of you are capable of achieving any goal you want to! Getting rid of your bad habits with this 21-Day rule is only going to help you get there faster. I believe in you and after 21 days, you’ll believe in yourself, too!