How to be More Confident

Hey babes! If there’s one thing everybody struggles with, even me, it’s being confident in your own skin. We all try so hard to look better, be fitter, and even when we reach our goals, we still lack the confidence to be happy with who we are.

I just want to make sure all of you know that you’re not alone and there are ways to help find your confidence so you can finally start feeling better about who you are because you’re amazing and you all should realize that.

There are a lot of things you can do every day to help yourself feel more confident. Some are really easy, while others may take some time. Either way, you should always strive to practice these things in your everyday lives so you can be more confident and love who you are!

1.    Wake Up and Write Down 3 Things You Love About Yourself

This is a ritual all people should have – no matter who they are. If you wake up every single day and jot down three things you love about yourself, you’re starting the day thinking positively of yourself already! Another thing you can do is, before bed every night, write a message on your bathroom mirror that makes you feel beautiful and confident. That way, when you look at it in the morning, you’ll feel amazing to start the day!

2.    Count Your Blessings

I know this might sound a little cheesy, but I think a lot of us – me included – forget about all the positive things we have in our lives. This can make us feel less confident because we think we don’t have anything to feel good about. Look around you. Realize everything you have that makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself. There’s more there than you think! Everything that makes you who you are is unique and that alone makes it beautiful.

3.    Shut Down the Negative Thoughts

There are far too many of us who let our negative thoughts cloud the positive ones in our lives. I once read that the average person has 65,000 thoughts a day and about 85% of them are negative. No wonder too many of us aren’t thinking positively about ourselves! Now imagine if you shut down every negative thought you had and replaced it with something good about yourself. You would be living a much happier life and you’d learn just how much there is to love about yourself.

4.    Work On Bettering Yourself Daily

How many of you do something every day that improves who you are as a person? I think a lot of people go through their life and focus on work, school, and the stresses their facing and don’t have time to make themselves a better person. If you dedicate time every day to making yourself better, you’ll start feeling so much more confident about yourself. So go to the gym, volunteer at a shelter, or even read motivational books! The options of improving yourself are endless.

5.    Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others – (especially online or in magazines)

This is just human nature. We look at someone online who looks great and seems to have everything put together and our confidence plummets. The thing is, we can’t compare how great we are with how great we think someone else is! We don’t know anything about their lives and what it’s like behind the picture we see. Therefore, we can’t compare ourselves to them because, well, we aren’t them! Whenever you start feeling bad about yourself because of something you see online or in a magazine, shut it down and think about something you’re great at to boost yourself up again.

Lacking confidence is something many of us have to deal with every day. I know I struggle with it from time to time, but I also know how to build myself up when I don’t feel confident. Take it from someone who knows how you feel and try these ways to have more confidence!

Selter Confident