How To Start Reaching Your Goals

Hello my loves,

And happy August! As we approach month EIGHT of 2019 (wow!)…together, let’s take a moment to look back at your new year’s resolution and short-term goals. 

 How’s it going? 

It’s often easy to fall off track and hard to keep up with this “new year’s resolution”, because we are always on the go. 

Every start to the new month, every start to the new week, every start to the new day I often catch myself saying, “today’s the day”. But today REALLY is the day, because I am going to teach you the five step S.M.A.R.T. goal to finally achieve that life-long dream of yours. 

 STEP 1:

The “S” stands for specific.

Before you can start making a change in your life, you must look at your goal

I want you to take some time out of your day today to think about what you truly want. Go find a piece of paper, and write it down

Questions To Answer

What is your goal?

       Why is this goal so important to you?

What steps do you need to take to get there? 

How will you feel once its accomplished? 

Remember, your goal must be specific, simple, sensible, and significant

 I am also be very interested in hearing your goals, and I would love to support you along the way!! Comment below, or join my private Facebook group so we could get to know each other better. As powerful women, together, we can help motivate one another!


Now that you have a specific goal, we need to be able to measure your success. This is the “M”. How are you going to measure your progress, your changes, your improvement? How will you know that you’ve accomplished this goal of yours?

 Give yourself a time frame to complete each of the steps you’ve listed to reach your end goal 

 Reminder:This is your goal, your dream. It’s time to give yourself what you deserve. Never be too hard on yourself, if you need to add extra steps to get there or extend a time frame THAT IS OK. Nothing happens overnight, but giving yourself deadlines is super important for achieving results.

 STEP 3:

Our next step is making sure that this goal and your timeline is achievable. Your goal should push your limits and get you outside of your comfort zone, but still be attainable. 

The best part of pushing yourself, is seeing how much you can truly do! You will be amazed with how much potential you have. 

Specific goal, check✓. Measure that specific goal, check✓. Making that goal Achievable, check✓!


Any goal is a big goal, and it should better yourself as a person internally and externally. I want you to think about if it is relevant. Who will be affected by this goal?  

Will benefit you and your peers around you? Make your goal WORTH IT! This goal must be reasonable and realistic. 


Finally we have reached step five. This fifth step brings all of the previous steps in full circle. You are almost there, so keep reading! 

This step is focused on time-bound. With this step you should be able to answer questions about progress in six-weeks from now, six-months from now, or even how about now? What can you do to help achieve this goal as soon as possible. Life does not stop, and it’s easy to forget to give yourself the time you deserve, no matter what your goal may be.

Now that you girls have learned the five steps in successfully attacking your goal, let’s put it to work! Write your goal everywhere so you can see it. Set a reminder on your phone, put sticky notes around your home, make it your background on your electronics. Do whatever it takes to stop saying, “todays the day”. Every day should be your day! Love you all so much!!