How to Make the Perfect New Year's Resolutions

Hi babes!! The New Year is the most popular time to set goals and make resolutions.  It’s the time to start fresh and change your life in amazing ways. I wanted to share some advice on ways to stick to your goals and want to give you some advice on sticking to your goals that have worked for me.

Reflect: One of the most important ways to make 2019 a total success is to look back on the past year. It’s important to take the time to recognize what worked for us and what made us happiest.  It’s way too easy to rush through our day to day without taking time for ourselves, so start your 2019 by carving out time to sit down and ask yourself some quality questions. 

Here are some questions you can ask:  

·  When was I happiest in 2018? 

·  What was my proudest moment of 2018? 

·  What lessons did I learn from my failures? 

·  Who was there for me when I needed someone to talk to?

Set Realistic Goals: Make your New Year's Resolutions realistic. Be bold and dream big, but remember you have to crawl before you can walk and need to set a solid foundation before you can build upon it.  I didn’t just go to the gym one day, magically lose weight and tone my body.  It took years of hard work, dedication and discipline. Every single day I learned new things and improved bit by bit. I still continue to learn and grow every single day!

Start Small: Start with small goals that challenge you, but at the same time you know you can handle. For example, if you exercised a total of 20 times in 2018, don’t set the goal of going to the gym every day, because that’s a big jump from last year.  Start by getting there once a week.  When you feel that’s manageable, increase it to twice a week.  If you’re following my workout plan, start light and work your way to heavier weights once you feel ready to increase.

Be Positive: Surround yourself with positive people.  It’s easier to be positive and have a positive outlook when the people around you have the same outlook.  Make friends with people who have similar goals and interests. Distance yourself from those that try to bring you down. In 2017, I created a Facebook group filled with over 30,000 of the most amazing women which we call our #FitFam. These women have become a support system for me and each other. Every single day we spread positivity and support to all the women in our group. You can join

Drop the Perfectionism: It’s inevitable that some days you will not stick to your goal. Nobody is perfect. Just make sure that you get right back on track when things get rough instead of dwelling on the mistake.

2019 is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to take the journey with you! You are all AMAZING, never forget that.




Selter 2019