Forget the Past - How to Start Fresh and Kick Ass Going Forward

Hi loves! I think we can all agree that there are things in our past that are holding us back. We can’t always control what happens in our lives and sometimes those events can hinder our abilities to push on and do the things that we really want.

So today I want to talk about this problem that many of us – including me – have. There is a way for you to get over your past and start fresh. Once you learn how to put the past behind you and leave it there, you can start over and kick ass with whatever you want to do!

1.    Surround Yourself With Positivity

The truth is that a lot of what’s holding you back about the past is the negative people that were present at the time and still are. Some situations may have been because of one of your “friends” to begin with and now the thought of that past event just eats away at you. I know how it feels, I do. But if that person is continuing with their negativity and are some of the reason you’re not achieving your goals and dreams, it’s time for them to go.

The people you should have in your life are supposed to add value to it. These people are always positive, encouraging, and motivating. You don’t have room for anything less because your happiness and well being are far too important.

2.    Deal With Your Past Problems

It is far too often that people have such big problems in their lives that they try to move forward from without actually dealing with them. I do this from time to time, too. If you struggle with something really important that has such an impact on your life, you have to face it head-on before you can ever hope to truly leave it in the past.

It won’t be easy, I know, but it is possible. Processing those fears and emotions that have hindered you so much from the past can help you move forward and kick ass in your journey to reach your goals.

3.    Talk to Someone

Not all of your past problems can be dealt with by yourself. Sometimes it takes opening up to someone to truly see what’s wrong so you can deal with it and move forward. So confide in someone close to you; family, friends, even get professional help if you feel it’s necessary.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing to discuss something that was traumatic to you – even if you don’t think it’s a “big deal”. If it’s stopping you from doing the things you want, maybe it’s a bigger deal than you want to believe. Talk to anyone and get it off your chest so you can start living how you want.

4. Find a Hobby That Makes You Feel Alive

How many of you have a hobby that you’re truly passionate about? That really brings happiness into your life? Sometimes all you need is something to give you hope and motivate you to get through the day and that can be a hobby that breathes life into you. This doesn’t have to be anything major at all. You can choose something as simple as drawing in a notebook (even if you’re terrible), learning to play piano, or even just reading a great book! Trying something new and something that you’ll get excited about can help you forget all about the past that’s dragging you down so you can kick ass going forward.

5.    Make Attainable Goals

This is a huge step toward forgetting the past and starting fresh. Make some new goals and make sure they’re attainable ones. You don’t want to make goals that are unrealistic because you’ll be disappointed when you can’t reach them.

Instead, start small. Make one goal that you can reach this week. Once you achieve it (and you WILL), make another for the following week. Each goal you accomplish will bring you a step forward in the right direction and away from you past!

6. Create a New Schedule

When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, it can bring your life down and make you feel withdrawn and even negative. Sometimes all you have to do is reset your life by making a new routine and creating a new schedule that will get you hyped to get through the day. So make a new schedule and start TOMORROW!

You can wake up earlier, add a new activity, switch up your routine so you’re not trying to fit in everything at the last minute, and just find a way to make it all more exciting. You should add at least one new thing into your schedule that makes YOU happy and dedicate time toward bettering yourself each day. This will help you forget the negative things that happened in your old routine and you’ll be able to start fresh!

7.    Change Your Mindset

If you’re always focusing on the events of the past, you’re in the wrong mindset. The great thing about your brain is it focuses on what you tell it to. If you’re constantly bringing up something that happened a long time ago and it puts you down and discourages your dreams, THEN STOP IT!

I know this can be really hard. It’s hard for me too, but if you push the thoughts of your past away and force yourself to think of your new goals, eventually you’ll just stop thinking about them altogether and it’s as if they’re forgotten.

The past is hard for everyone because you just can’t change it. What happened, happened and there’s no way you can go back and make it different. BUT, you can choose to put it all behind you and start fresh so you can kick ass going forward and finally achieve all the goals you’ve set out for!

Selter LA