Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


Hi loves! Today I want to talk about something that we all are guilty of: comparing ourselves to others. I know that in the world of technology and Instagram and everyone posting pictures of how amazing they look, it can be really easy get caught up in feeling like you're not good enough. I go through this from time to time, too.

But I’m here to tell you that all of those thoughts you have about yourself are wrong. When you look at an Instagram post of some girl or guy that is posing in amazing clothes, with their 6-pack showing, their hair done perfectly, and their makeup flawless, it’s easy to look in the mirror and see all of your flaws. But the truth is, those pictures aren’t actually realistic.

When you see those types of images online, there’s more that you don’t see than what you do. You don’t see how much time and effort went into them looking so flawless.

The point to all of this is that when you sit there and compare yourself to someone else, you may be forgetting about all of the things that make you unique and beautiful. Being an individual is more amazing than being someone who can post a “flawless” picture to Instagram.

If you have a hard time when it comes to comparing yourself to others, don’t feel like you’re all alone. I’ve been there, your friends have been there, hell, even Rihanna has probably been there. It’s something that people do naturally, but it’s really not good for you and you should never feel like you’re not good enough just because someone posted a perfect picture online.

Here are some things I want you to remember the next time you find yourself feeling insecure:

1.    Nobody can be you.

2.    What makes you unique is what makes you beautiful.

3.    Someone else is going to love every “flaw” you think you have.

4.    You only have today. Do you really want to spend it thinking negatively of yourself?

5.    Nobody can be everything that you are. 

6.    Negativity robs you of your spirit. 

7.    Being positive is far more beautiful than being negative.

8.    Social media images are the VERY best of someone – not what they look like when they roll out of bed.

9.    Nobody is “perfect”, but you are perfect at being you.

10.  You don’t see yourself accurately in the mirror. You focus on the negative, while everyone else sees the positive.

Sometimes we just can’t help comparing ourselves to someone who we think is better.. Each time you compare yourself to someone else, you’re taking away a little piece of what someone else loves about you.

Always remember, your uniqueness makes you beautiful – without anything else. Love who you are…because everything that makes you, you is what everyone else loves about you!